t-shirt Uca tangeri Mud dwellers

Contrary to popular belief, crabs do not walk backwards. Instead, they walk sideways, which allows them to quickly hide in the caves they dig in the mud. During high tide, they retreat to their caves as the waves come and go over them.

Their large claws are highly prized for their culinary value, but after being caught, their claws are removed and they are released back into the wild. This affects reproduction, since mutilated males are rejected by females. Although the small clamp begins to grow and regenerates the removed one (epimorphosis), which will remain as the small clamp.

It is popularly known in the Bay of Cadiz area as: boca de la Isla (mouth of the Island), violinista (fiddler crab), barrilete (skipjack) ...



Child t-shirt with ilustration "Habitantes del fango Mud dwellers" printed by craft silkscreen with laundered resistant water-based inks.

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