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    A heart is hardened as damages are passing througth it. Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something that's broken, maybe it's about starting over and creating somethin better. By the way, this cactus, nopal it is considered in some places a tree of life, since aparently never dies, when it is dried, a new plant grows from it.

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    In these multi-connected times, when it is easier than ever staying in touch, loneliness harms to society. You see on screen "You have a message", and feel a tingle, will be a friend, or just a spamming robot? This is about hope and solitude, even if solitude is a necessary relief sometimes.

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    "Life on the stairs, allegory of life" is an encounter between generations where  joy and wisdom, enthusiasm and experience are mutually provided. The staircase represents the adult life. The child releases the balloon, and so leaves childhood, with one foot in life, beginning his path. Close to the end of his path, at sunset, he looks back into himself,...

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    This is Manolín, a happy donkey that lives in the garden of our friends. "Put a donkey in your garden and no longer need to mower". our tribute to those who adopt donkeys. After a lifetime of working like a donkey, they deserve a peaceful and happy old age. Put a donkey in your life and he will give you the good morning every day with a loving thunderous...

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    One can be rough and a good person at the same time, as Luis Buñuel portrayed in "El Bruto" (The Brute) (1953), where the characters are not good or bad, but contradictory. The Brute faces the contradiction between duty and love. But if in the traditional melodrama is resolved in favor of duty, and so ensuring social order, this Brute defies that order ...

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    The "crazy kid" does things that are out of the normal or right, and that may involve risk, or may not. It is perhaps necessary to have behaved like a "crazy kid", do something crazy during childhood and youth, to become an responsive adult.

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    "Pajaritos en la cabeza" (Birds in your head), a spanish expression to head in the clouds, keeps our mind healthy and helps to face life with the magic of being able to go beyond sometimes, flying with imagination over reality, dreaming of better worlds, worlds of fantasy that are mixed with dreams and help us live better. The birds you always have to let...

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    Therapeutic t-shirt that helps us calm down in our daily activities, which reminds us to take control of our lifetime. Time is merely a human invention, a mechanism to control, not get carried away by it. Join the slow movement. The most important things in life should not be accelerated. Slow movement to be fully aware of how we use our time.

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    You went so fast I could not tell you anything,but I stayed with your face ... Someone has stolen my soul. Microstory illustrated, a T-shirt based on real events.

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    The Dunlin is a bird common in the wetlands of Europe. It breeds in the Arctic regions. They are long distance migratory birds wintering on our shores. The Dunlin is a very gregarious bird in winter forming large flocks on mudflats or sandy beaches.

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    Cetaceans, impressive mammals that inhabit the seas... Large percentages of the marine population housed plastic parts in their stomach that ingest to confuse them with food, and in some cases this lead to intestinal obstruction and death. Cetaceans deserve a plastic clean sea!

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    Those of us lucky enough to have four-legged friends, we know that we always have someone watching every move we make, every step we take, especially in the kitchen or when we approached the front door. Those clean and honest looks, they always make us smile ;) deserve this tribute. Every snack you makeEvery bite you takeI'll be watchin you.

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    Illustration inspired by our work as graphic designers for a publicity campaign for a project to reintroduce in the wildlife of northern bald ibis, a species extinct in the natural world, but surviving in captivity. The Eremita project is developed with the support of the Red de Voluntarios Medioambientales de Andalucía (Network of Environmental...

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    Because they are large, being smaller dogs. Because, like all dogs, they are loyal and always want to be at your side, or on your lap. And because they are a great company, being so tiny, they deserve an emblem that expresses the power, the power they have over us. ;)

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    The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), has numerous predators, man being the most lethal. When it reach adulthood, because of their large size, it reduces predation by large marine animals to sharks. They may have a lifespan of 65 years. It is the biggest turtle in the world with hard-shelled, reaching a length of 2 meters and a weight of 500 kg.

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    It may refer to: * Critical, transgressive, ironic and participatory program of great success in spanish public station Radio 3 during the 80's. It was censored in 1989. ** Ants as representative of the surrealism of Buñuel and Dali. *** Example of organizational social efficiency based on matriarchy.

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