Long sleeve T-shirt Good bye Elephant my friend -- The path of greed

Long sleeve T-shirt Good bye Elephant my friend

Long sleeve T-shirt Good bye Elephant my friend -- The path of greed

The path of greed

There are a couple of reasons why elephants are in danger of extinction; illegal hunting and the destruction of its natural habitat, a consequence of political corruption and extreme poverty suffered by the human communities that live with this pachyderm. Most elephants are illegally killed just for their ivory tusks, or by hunting psychopaths who regard this expensive activity as fun. On the other hand, as their natural habitat disappears, they are no longer able to find the food they need to survive, so many of them starve.There is a need to reduce the demand for ivory and improve the livelihoods of people living with elephants in Africa. If this trend is not changed, by 2050 the African elephant will be extinct.

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Long sleeve t-shirt with ilustration "Good bye Elephant my friend The path of greed" printed by craft silkscreen with laundered resistant water-based inks. Available in several models and sizes.

mod-BSC-manga-larga.pnglong sleeve basic

Composition: 100% cotton (160 g/m²)

Long sleeve t-shirt and 4 layer neck. Reinforced covered seams in collar and shoulders. No cuffs. Side seams.

mod-ENT-manga-larga.pnglong sleeve fit

Composition: 100% cotton (160 g/m²)

Semi-fitted t-shirt, long sleeve and fine trim neck. No cuffs. Side seams.