Poplar tree in winter The fall of the last standing

Poplars are on the banks of rivers or aquifers and have been traditionally associated with life. The Celts called it Aeda, which prevents death, and they said in the whisper of the leaves in the wind, could hear voices from the world of the spirits. This is Populus alba, or white poplar, it is winter and a band of birds just leave. In spring its branches will be filled again.



Bag with ilustration "Poplar tree in winter The fall of the last standing" printed by craft silkscreen with laundered resistant water-based inks. Available in several models and colours.


mod_bolsa_tela_plana.pngtote bag

Tote bag

Composition: 100% cotton (140 g/m²)

Asas medium size (67 cm), it can be carried by hand or shoulder. Capacity: 10 liters. Dimensions: 38 x 42 cm

mod_mochila-cuerda.pngstrings backpack

Strings backpack

Composition: 100% cotton (140 g/m²)

Dimensions: 37 x 46 cm. Capacity: 12 litres.


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