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    Because they are large, being smaller dogs. Because, like all dogs, they are loyal and always want to be at your side, or on your lap. And because they are a great company, being so tiny, they deserve an emblem that expresses the power, the power they have over us. ;)

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    Common Hedgehog, European Hedgehog, like all other hedgehogs has a spiked shell formed by several thousands of rigid tines result of an evolutionary modification of the skin. When threatened, hedgehogs are able to roll up on themselves into a ball of quills.

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    It may refer to: * Critical, transgressive, ironic and participatory program of great success in spanish public station Radio 3 during the 80's. It was censored in 1989. ** Ants as representative of the surrealism of Buñuel and Dali. *** Example of organizational social efficiency based on matriarchy.

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    Iberian wolf (Canis lupus signatus) is a endemic subspecie of wolf in the iberian peninsule. Since ancient times populating this peninsule, it is a threatened and protected specie nowdays. Alive wolf, protected wolf is this slogan that a crowd of citizens claims in order to demand to public administrations stop the killing of iberian wolfs wich is...

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    This is Manolín, a happy donkey that lives in the garden of our friends. "Put a donkey in your garden and no longer need to mower". our tribute to those who adopt donkeys. After a lifetime of working like a donkey, they deserve a peaceful and happy old age. Put a donkey in your life and he will give you the good morning every day with a loving thunderous...

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    Cuando la luna tiñe de azul el mar... (When the moonlight stains blue the sea...) Si bajo la luz de la luna me diste tu amor… (If under the moonlight you gave me your love...) Si desde que te fuiste yo no he tenido luz de luna... If since you left I had no moonlight... ... remember that the moon has no light itself, but reflects the sunlight toward us.

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    "La revolución, ya oxidada, aún sangrando, y con algunas voces perdidas,aún conserva la dignidad de los quijotes y la fuerza de la palabra. La revolución no será televisada, pero no será olvidada."

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    This illustration is based on the painting "Consumir antes de ..." ("Best before ...") by Mer Erice. Skull reminds us that we are perishable beings, with unknown expiration date; but certain.

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    Poplars are on the banks of rivers or aquifers and have been traditionally associated with life. The Celts called it Aeda, which prevents death, and they said in the whisper of the leaves in the wind, could hear voices from the world of the spirits. This is Populus alba, or white poplar, it is winter and a band of birds just leave. In spring its branches...

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    "Life on the stairs, allegory of life" is an encounter between generations where  joy and wisdom, enthusiasm and experience are mutually provided. The staircase represents the adult life. The child releases the balloon, and so leaves childhood, with one foot in life, beginning his path. Close to the end of his path, at sunset, he looks back into himself,...

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    Those of us lucky enough to have four-legged friends, we know that we always have someone watching every move we make, every step we take, especially in the kitchen or when we approached the front door. Those clean and honest looks, they always make us smile ;) deserve this tribute. Every snack you makeEvery bite you takeI'll be watchin you.

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    A correlation was found between the phases of the moon and the biological rhythms of the human being during sleep. Participants in an experiment took longer to fall asleep, they slept less and worse during the full moon. This is perhaps a rhythm circalunar vestige of ancient times, when the moon was responsible for the synchronization of human behavior.

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    Rock art in the south of the Iberian peninsula, known as Southern art, refers to prehistoric representations in the form of paintings and ancient engravings in the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga, where in more than 180 caves and rock shelters were found prehistoric drawings dated between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago. Of the deer we liked his figurative...

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    The donkey walks alone. The moonlight illuminate him, and he feels free. He broke the chains that enslaved him, so he has already finished the days of loads, sticks and Get up donkey! Expecting a cool night in the plain path of a peaceful old age.

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    It counts the legend (actually it's biology, but this is more romantic) that seahorses are joined in pairs that last a lifetime. When one dies, the other dies shortly thereafter. It is also the only species which pregnancy is placed in the male. Are not they adorable? Nevertheless, Hippocampus are at risk of extinction, in Asia they are captured by tonnes...

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    Illustration inspired by our work as graphic designers for a publicity campaign for a project to reintroduce in the wildlife of northern bald ibis, a species extinct in the natural world, but surviving in captivity. The Eremita project is developed with the support of the Red de Voluntarios Medioambientales de Andalucía (Network of Environmental...

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