Who we are

We are two graphic artists with over ten years of experience than with this crisis we recycle ourselves and developed a DIY workshop of textile artisan silkscreen and create our own line of "tattooed clothing" with Piraito brand.
We started in summer 2015 with a first collection of "subtle T": a series of silkscreened artwork on shirts attempting to show with wit and ingenuity the deeper meaning of things.

  • Small runs
  • Digital crafts
  • T-Shirts to think
In our work, we have learned and enjoyed designing, (free :) software tools, nature and dealing with our customers, creating design projects information, especially for natural areas of our environment (Cadiz, Andalusia , Spain). La Casería. Bay of Cádiz


Susi & Jose

We are on the long road
If you have an idea, you believe in it and do everything possible to carry it out, well, that's fine!



The illustrations are original by Piraito.com, Susi Pinzolas and Jose Cruz

Illustration "Best before" is made from a photograph of the painting of the same title, by Mer Erice.

Creating and printing screen printing screens: Piraito.com


Artwork design and creation: InkscapeThe Gimp

Capturing, processing and managing photos: DarktableThe Gimp

Content manager for the store: Prestashop

Content manager for the blog: Wordpress

Code development: Netbeans IDE,  Google Chrome

Administration documents (spreadsheets, text): Google Shhets, Google DocsLibreofficce

Operating system, and software in general: Linux, Ubuntu, Arch Linuxlibre software GNU


"Before, I always wore unprinted t-shirts. Now, thanks to Piraito, I can wear t-shirts with subtle and elegant drawings. Sometimes, people ask me what that drawing mean? and I like that."

Testimonio  Piraito, el chihuahua

"I like to wear non popular animals like a donkey, a hedgehog, a band of ducks, a goat... What!?"

Testimonio 2 Ramona, la chihuahua