Bag Seahorse -- Just a drop of melancholy

Bag Seahorse

Bag Seahorse -- Just a drop of melancholy

Just a drop of melancholy

It counts the legend (actually it's biology, but this is more romantic) that seahorses are joined in pairs that last a lifetime. When one dies, the other dies shortly thereafter. It is also the only species which pregnancy is placed in the male. Are not they adorable? Nevertheless, Hippocampus are at risk of extinction, in Asia they are captured by tonnes for traditional uses.

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Bag with ilustration "Seahorse Just a drop of melancholy" printed by craft silkscreen with laundered resistant water-based inks. Available in several models, colors and sizes.NoneComposition: 100% cotton (140 g/m²)
Asas medium size (67 cm), it can be carried by hand or shoulder. Capacity: 10 liters. Dimensions: 38 x 42 cm